About the Chef

Chef Brian Perullero was born in New Jersey where he grew up with his Puerto Rican Grandmother. As a small child he would spend time in the kitchen helping his grandparents make food for the extended family. At the age of 7 he moved to sunny south Florida where he was immersed in more Latin Flavors and his love of cooking grew.

A car accident in 2009 made him realize he had to focus on what he loved. So in 2010, he went to Le-Cordon Blue. After graduating culinary school he started to work for Delicious Catering where he rose from Prep Cook to Sous Chef. Living in South Florida gave him the opportunity to work for many acclaimed restaurants and cook for many celebrities.

In 2015 he moved up to Toronto, learned a lot of Canadian regional cuisines but the cold weather got the best of him and he made his way back to sunny Florida, Chef Brian and the team at Haute Eats is looking to bring some of those Latin Flavors and Southern Cooking to the Greater Orlando area.